Day In, Day Out

Doesn’t life feel like it’s on a revolving door of the same day in and day out routine?

You or your children are up first. You get a bit of quiet time and solitude before they’re up, or they wake you up with hugs, kisses and “I’m hungry”.

I’ve been making a point to get up around 6-6:30am at least once a week. This doesn’t completely drain me, but it also gives me just ONE day where I get time to myself. Time to sit in our dark living room, write up a blog post, but the majority of the time I sit here staring at our beautiful, new Christmas tree, just thinking.

Lately, I’m trying to get myself back into the morning routine I started with at the beginning of COVID-19, but ultimately throughout the summer months, it got pushed aside because well…gardening.

It goes like this;
1. Energize
2. Workout
3. Daily Gratitude & Journaling
4. Heart Thoughts Cards: Affirmations
5. Shower

When I stick to this routine, I feel like NOTHING can break me. Not the daily COVID update, not the new numbers, not the anxiety, depression or isolation. I feel as though I’m the strongest I can be, both mentally and physically when I’m in this routine. This is when I feel the most in power and in control. Right now, that’s hard to get.

I’m thinking about starting a 5-10 Day Gratitude Group – where we practice our Daily Gratitude together, I share my Affirmation Card of the day, ask you what it makes you feel, and just check in. If you’re in, comment below or message me on IG @lindsay.percy89 and mention this post!

Signing off,

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