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Food Preservation

What kind of food do you like to preserve? What ways do you like to preserve food? I've really gotten into jam making - raspberry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, huckleberry, and peach. I've also gotten into canning - apple sauce, apple butter, dill pickles, pickled carrots, pickled beets, apple pie filling, peaches, and pears. I want… Continue reading Food Preservation

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Recipe: Crock Pot Potato Soup

I won't lie, I was a little skeptical about how this would taste, and I think the next time I make it I'll definitely be adding a little more to it to give it some more flavour. The recipe I used (below) suggested adding crumbled bacon, shredded cheese and chives to the top of it… Continue reading Recipe: Crock Pot Potato Soup

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Healthy Choices…

Do you know how hard it is to continually make healthy choices where there are SO many unhealthy options readily available and at your convenience? We went shopping for organic products this weekend to prep a whole bunch of slow cooker meals so we are eating healthier, whole meals instead of quick and convenient meals… Continue reading Healthy Choices…

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Vegetable Gardening

I grew up with a fairly large garden producing ALL kinds of vegetables, and fruit. My grandparents lived just up the road with two very large gardens, rhubarb patches, cherry trees, apple trees (4 kinds), plum trees, strawberry patches, pear trees, blackberries, black currents, grape vines, and raspberries, lots of raspberries. So, needless to say,… Continue reading Vegetable Gardening