About me

Hello & Welcome to Surviving; Life, Cancer & Beyond

First off, I want you to know that my blog will feature raw images, raw information, raw stories. It is my life, it is my journey that I am opening up and sharing with you.

I’m Lindsay, a 28 year old mother of two beautiful girls – Hailey & Hadley, wife to Wade, and fur mama to Dacia, Sadie & Oreo.

I love adventuring & exploring our beautiful province (Alberta), I also love going back home and adventuring there (British Columbia). I would like to say I’m an avid gardener and love flower gardening, but the truth is the majority of my flowers die halfway through the season because I’m terrible at remembering to water them on the sweltering days, so they just fry. Let’s be serious, I can’t even keep house plants alive haha.

Camping is one of my favourite past times, and we do a fair amount of it each year.

We grow our own garden, not everything I would like to be growing but hopefully when we move next year, the yard at the new house will be laid out where I can expand a garden and provide even more homegrown food for our family. I want to have so many beautiful flowers around too, probably ones that don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Burkitts Lymphoma has been a main focus for us lately, more will come in posts over the next little while, but it just about took my life. I want to raise awareness for this very rare cancer, tell my story, and help others throughout their journey with cancer. It’s a very trying time mentally and emotionally, never mind what you go through physically as well. Support is what you need, and support is what I would like to try my best to provide.

I am an avid music listener, mostly to country music but the odd time other songs catch my attention. To find out what my fave’s are now, check out my playlist located to the right side of the page in the side bar. That’s where you’ll find what I’m listening to, and what means the most to me, music wise.