Eliminating Chemicals, Part 2

I’m not an expert on this, I use EWG to determine what products we will use. If I get a rating that’s in between where I want it to be and bordering “bad” then I research the specific ingredients and make my decision based on that.

Now that you’ve been running around your house checking every item you use on a daily basis, or for cleaning, to see what they rate on EWG, how are you feeling?

Do you have green products and didn’t know it? Do you have products full of chemicals that you want to swap out?

Where do you start?

Start small. Don’t throw out everything all at once. Replace an item or two per pay day to break up the cost, because lets be honest, clean products are more expensive.

I’ll do up a post with some of my favourite PERSONAL care products next week, followed by some of my favourite CLEANING products.

Eliminating or greatly reducing the chemicals you use daily is extremely daunting, and it may take you a bit to find the products that work for you. It’s hard and it can be frustrating but I promise you it’s worth it. I’ve made such amazing swaps that our family doesn’t get sick, our house is cleaner than it has been in a long time, and the time I spend cleaning has been cut IN HALF.

Until next week,

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