Eliminating Chemicals, Part 1

You’re wanting to make greener or cleaner choices in your life. Maybe trying to limit the number of harsh toxins and chemicals you’re exposing yourself to when you’re cleaning or doing laundry.

Maybe you want to get rid of all the nasty chemicals in the products you’re using daily – soaps, shampoos, conditioners, tooth paste, etc.

You’ll find yourself wondering, “where do I start?” and probably “how do I know what’s clean?”

The truth is, going down the cleaning or natural aisle at a grocery store is daunting and can be overwhelming. How do you know what cleaning products are green, biodegradable, not harmful to the environment? The only way to know is to know your ingredients.

I use to learn about the ingredients in the products we are using every day.

Start there. Look up the cleaning products or personal care products you’re using on yourself every day, and see what level of “clean” they truly are. Take notes on what products are “clean” and what products are “dirty”. After you’ve done that, look up products that are clean, even if it’s by doing a simple and quick Google search and plugging the product names into EWG, you’ll find out the truth.

This is where I’ll leave you today, I’ll add Part 2 on Friday, November 6th, 2020.

Signing off,

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