Hey guys, I promise this isn’t about what you think it is. It’s more about how life has changed since this virus appeared in Canada, more specifically Alberta.

I mean, realistically, a lot hasn’t changed in my life. I’m still at home, still with our girls. We pulled them out of their playschool & toddler school programs at the end of February anyways because I had some health concerns that needed addressing and we needed to take them out of school to limit my exposure to illnesses. We limited our outings to stores as just the girls and I, simply because I didn’t have the energy to do it, not with two red headed little spitfires.

So we are at home. Are we stuck? No, we have a big yard, a nice deck, some landscaping to do, plus we can still go puddle jumping! We just avoid the other people out walking and we are safe. We go on walks when the weather is nicer, the girls jump puddles, I laugh at them, they giggle at me and squeal in excitement as they jump into puddles over and over. They scream and fuss when it’s time to come inside to get dinner or a late lunch going. We purchased a playhouse for them with some money we had squirreled away. They LOVE IT. It will entertain them for HOURS…all day every day. It’s currently sitting on our deck, with a gate on the deck that they can’t open, I stick them outside and they play for hours.

I won’t lie, I’ve had to change my mindset. I’ve had to change it from “we are STUCK” to “we are SAFE“. Don’t get me wrong, this has been challenging but it certainly isn’t the most challenging thing we’ve gone through. The challenge here, is being able to control my anxiety attacks without taking my medication specifically for them.

How have I done that? Well, I’ve started working out. I’ve started channeling that anxiety into workouts, a workout a day typically. Morning Meltdown 100, a program I’ve admired for a while but literally didn’t have the energy to do it. Now I have the energy, my mindset has changed. My needs and wants have changed. My want to workout has become a need. I don’t need to workout for a “bikini body” or to be slimmer, or sexier. I am sexy, I am confident. I workout because it’s literally keeping me sane, it’s keeping my mind healthy, the rest is all just a bonus. I can show up better for our girls and for my husband, I can get outside for long walks without needing a nap. I can LIVE. I can live safely. We can stay safe.

We are lonely and we are bored but we are safe. That is all that matters.

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