Mental Health Update

I’ve always promised to be honest when it comes to life, and my journey with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. I started seeing my family doctor again because I was struggling. I hadn’t been sleeping more than 4-6 hours per night, for over a year. I was increasingly annoyed, frustrated, exhausted, and at the point that I knew I needed help. I did lab work which showed nothing.

At the appointment I had to get the results, my doctor asked me if I was suffering from insomnia and how bad it is. Usually wasn’t getting to sleep until, anywhere between, 1:00-4:00am. After I told him that, he asked if I was having anxiety attacks. I didn’t know what the symptoms of anxiety attacks were, so I asked. It turns out, I’ve been having them daily, multiple times a day in fact. He also told me that when someone has gone through as much trauma as I have, it’s natural that the trauma presents itself as insomnia, and he sees it very frequently. It also starts you on a cycle of depression, and PTSD. So here I am, sobbing my way through these questions, realizing that what I’ve been dealing with had been in my mind, without help when I really needed it.

He prescribed three medications for me. One for my anxiety attacks, which now that I recognize what the symptoms are, I’m able to do breath work to get through these, so I’ve only used one dose of it. The second is a sleeping pill, which has been working wonders, I take it at about 9:00pm and am asleep shortly after 10:00pm. The girls aren’t waking up until about 8-8:30am, so I’m getting some solid sleep and this is helping me tremendously with my energy levels and moods. The third med, is an anti-depressant, which also helps with anxiety management. It’s been ONE WEEK, and I’ve been able to do more with the girls, inside of course, than I have in months. I’ve been able to get more tasks around the house done in just the last two days, than I have in months without help from Wade or someone else.

I want you all to know, mental health is important. NOW more than ever. Those who have to self isolate due to compromised immune systems, or another underlying health reason, are struggling. If you need to talk, I’m here. If you need to talk, reach out to someone.


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