Strive for Change

As human beings, we must learn to embrace change. From the day we are born, our lives are continuously changing. We are growing, learning, experiencing everything for the first times. We are changing, evolving, and growing into our own unique, individual, sassy beings.

With change can come difficult battles, heartache, pain, but with change you can gain strength, independence, and life experiences that you didn’t know would be possible.

I’ve been finding it hard to be recovering from Burkitts, I say this because there is such a lack of resources and support for those who have fought their fight against cancer in Central Alberta. Here, we have ONE support group, and ONE sponsored yoga class (twice a month) for those who have cancer. Truly, I am thankful that we have a support group, but I do find it rather embarrassing that there is only ONE. I find it embarrassing that the province of Alberta, the Alberta Cancer Society, and the Canadian Cancer Society are not helping those who are fighting cancer. I find it difficult to believe that there are NO other resources for Albertans, in Central Alberta who are fighting cancer. We cannot get assistance with household duties, childcare, getting groceries, nothing.

I have made it my mission to help change this. I want to help open up more resources for Central Albertans, to raise funds and start new programs and initiatives in which will begin helping those who are fighting cancer, and of course, their families. I want to start programs like house cleaning, whole food initiatives (supporting local farmers too), and SO many more. I am going to strive for change, I’m going to do everything in my power to get things going and start helping out my fellow Albertan’s, then, just maybe, the province or Cancer Society’s will help out.

Please, everyone, I am interested in hearing what resources you or a family member have found helpful while battling, or going through a battle with cancer.

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