What’s Your Favourite Holiday?

Just as the title asks; what’s your favourite holiday?

Personally, I love Christmas. Not because I get gifts, but because it generally means being surrounded by family. I also LOVE Christmas decorating and baking.

I usually decorate quite a bit for Christmas. Tree garland on the railings and cabinets, lights outside, and on top of the cabinets, a tree, I even have a Christmas village!

Christmas may be this holiday that is oversold and everyone’s wallets hate, but it truly is a magical time of year. I loved the look in Hailey’s eyes when the Christmas lights were on, and the enjoyment she showed. This year we will have a 2 year old and a 1 year old for Christmas and I am so incredibly excited for it!

Every year I purchase something to add to our Christmas decor, whether its towels for the kitchen or bathroom, a decor item, or Christmas bedding, I always add something little. This year, it’s Christmas bedding. Hadley’s blanket and crib sheet arrived today. The duvet covers for ours, Hailey’s and the spare room are ordered and on their way. I’m just thrilled. It’ll be all that I add, that’s quite costly anyways, I might find some stuff to make a Christmas wreath or something to add to my table decor.

Please tell me what your favourite holiday is, and why? I would love to hear!

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