A Day in the Life; Cancer, Recovery & More

My mornings can start anywhere between 7-9am, all depends on how the girls sleep. The odd morning I’m up between 5-7am as well.

It’s about half and half on who shares the first part of their morning with me by themselves. Some mornings it’s Hailey and some it’s Hadley. Depending on who is up first, we have a fruit smoothie and oatmeal with Hailey, and I have an Arbonne Meal Replacement Protein Shake (only for its nutrients), and share in some oatmeal with fruit in it. When Hadley is up first, she’s usually so hungry from sleeping 12-13 hours that she wants a bottle, and she wants it NOW! Haha.

Lots of snack follow breakfast for both Hailey and I. Usually some goldfish or bears paw cheddar snacks, some fresh strawberries or raspberries, or recently some walnut & chocolate chip zucchini bread. We do lots of crafty stuff like painting and colouring, build with mega blocks or dress and undress her dollies 7,000 times in an hour. Tornado Hailey also goes through the house frequently. Hadley spends much of her time rolling and crawling around, playing with the toys we put down for her, but mostly she enjoys exploring now that she’s mobile.

Nap time, sometimes for all 3 of us is entirely dependant on when everyone gets up. Sometimes it’s before lunch and sometimes it’s after. Hadley naps 2-3 times a day, depending on her night, and Hailey has one nap that’s anywhere from 2-4hrs long.

Lunch generally consists of whatever Hailey digs out of the pantry and puts on the stove, or leftovers. Her favourite choices are Annie’s Mac & Cheese or rice. She’s seriously addicted to both. I usually try and sneak some apple or banana on her plate, sometimes avocado but she has to be in the right mood to have that, but so do most adults haha. Hadley will eat literally anything you feed her. She’s only been eating solids for a few months but the variety of food she gets and likes is almost as much as my husband and I. It makes it very easy to feed her on the go, that’s for sure.

Weather permitting, we like to get out into the yard, play at the park close by, sometimes I’m brave enough to go to the beach with the girls alone, but more recently we’ve been going into Red Deer to hang out with friends or get some shopping done. We try and get out of the house every day, but some days my energy levels aren’t that great so we hang out at home. The girls don’t really watch tv, I can turn it on but they barely watch it, they just like the background noise.

If I have to do any cleaning, Hailey is right there beside me, especially when it comes to vacuuming because she absolutely loves it. I can’t do laundry while either of them or awake or I end up farther behind on it than I was when I started folding it 🙄 kid stuff. Something about neatly folded, piled and outfitted laundry that is so incredibly appealing to their little hands and minds.

Bedtime routine usually starts between 6-6:30pm, ending with both girls in bed at 7pm. This leaves me time to clean up from dinner, fold laundry & outfit it (making my daily life easier), and then relaxing watching some tv or a movie and visiting with my husband.

Being in cancer recovery plays a huge role in how my daily routine plays out, unfortunately. My hands have been in pain since my second round of BL chemotherapy, every joint in my hand is sore all day long, usually less sore as the day passes by but still leaves me unable to utilize utensils like a can opener, and some days I can’t even squeeze tooth paste out of the tube to brush my teeth. If this is the only thing I suffer with for the rest of my life, I’m thankful. I’m just thankful to be alive and to have every single day with my girls, enjoying their giggles, laughter, and bonding experiences. Every day is a bit of a struggle for me, but I’m so incredibly thankful to be here and struggling through it, regardless of what may unravel in that day.


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