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Food Preservation

What kind of food do you like to preserve? What ways do you like to preserve food?

I’ve really gotten into jam making – raspberry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, huckleberry, and peach.

I’ve also gotten into canning – apple sauce, apple butter, dill pickles, pickled carrots, pickled beets, apple pie filling, peaches, and pears.

I want to get into making syrups too – blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry. They sound delicious and have so much versatility. I also want to get into drying my own herbs – dill, summer Savory, cilantro, basil, oregano, and parsley. I want to try my hand at peach pie filling, and strawberry rhubarb pie filling!

On top of the canning, I blanch and freeze a lot of produce from our garden, from my dad, and from our local upick. I’ve done – beet tops, Swiss chard, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, broccoli, corn, blackberries, black currents, blueberries, green beans, pumpkin purée, rhubarb, stirfry veggie packets, and zucchini. I’ve also made my own pasta sauce from scratch including blanching tomatoes and making them into a sauce.

I really enjoy doing all of these, even though they can become incredibly time consuming, it’s worth it in the end knowing that you’re going to have homegrown produce all year round.

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