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Do you ever look at your calendar and wonder where your week has gone? I do this every single day, it’s like the weeks are just flying by. I cannot believe it.

I’m currently working on Hailey’s second birthday because October 9th is coming up FAST! Not only that but I’m working on Christmas/Birthday gift lists for both the girls, and trying to decide what I would like to do for my 29th birthday in January because I want to do something BIG. I realize 29 isn’t 30, but turning 29 is going to be a big deal for me.

I turned 28 in the ICU in Red Deer, just days after finding out I had cancer, almost dying, and being in a coma, along with having multiple surgeries. Turning 29 will mark a major milestone for me, it will mark being cancer free, my one year stomaversary (January 17th), it’ll be 6 months since my life in the hospital was finished, 6 months since chemotherapy finished, but it will be a milestone to me being here. A milestone in which I am present for, living for, and am grateful to reach. So, needless to say, my brain is just going crazy with ideas for all of these parties, never mind Christmas/New Years gatherings, and of course Thanksgiving.

I’m grateful for my life every single day. I’m grateful to be who I am and to be as strong as I am. I’ve mustered strength from places I didn’t think possible, but here I am today, doing upwards of 50-70 squats a day, trying to work on my flat butt.

Well, I’m off to bed for the night. I had a client meeting tonight for wedding planning and that exhausted my already exhausted brain cells a little more.

If you were celebrating a birthday that landed around some serious milestones like mine is, what would you do?!? I need some serious suggestions!

xoxo Linds

PS. It’s so nice to have eye lashes and eye brows again! I need to do some searching to see what kind of short hair style I want to pull off! Suggestions also welcome!

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