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Healthy Choices…

Do you know how hard it is to continually make healthy choices where there are SO many unhealthy options readily available and at your convenience?

We went shopping for organic products this weekend to prep a whole bunch of slow cooker meals so we are eating healthier, whole meals instead of quick and convenient meals or take out. Is it a lot of work? It certainly was but it will make our evenings a heck of a lot easier, and my days more stress free because I don’t have to try and figure out dinner, or the way we are going to cook our meal on hot days as to not heat up the house even more. Plus, I won’t have to remember to take out meat, frozen veggies (from our garden), or anything else. I’ll have to take out one bag, pop it in the slow cooker while the girls are napping and it’ll be ready by the time Wade gets home.

My goal here is to get better with meal planning and healthier choices. It’s very, very important for people who have had cancer or are fighting their battle with cancer to eat a healthy, well balanced diet with minimal sugar consumption. I’ll continually post the recipes I’ve been using, along with some pictures to showcase the yummy meals!

I want to lead an overall healthy lifestyle, not that my life before cancer was unhealthy, because it certainly wasn’t. It couldn’t be unhealthy with Crohn’s Disease, I had to watch what I ate and make sure I ate healthy. I’m going to be more conscious in regards to what I’m consuming, organic, no pesticides or herbicides, as locally grown or produced as possible, minimal amounts of sugar, and foods that are rich in nutrients because I have an ileostomy so I don’t always absorb all of the nutrients I need. I am also hoping to teach our girls what whole healthy nutrition looks like, by supplying them with delicious meals, healthy and delicious snack options, with a LOT of water. Hailey LOVES her water, she drinks, probably almost a litre, per day.

What steps do you take in your daily life to make healthy choices? Do you meal plan or prep in advance? Do you buy only the food you need for your meals? Where do you get your groceries? Do you support local as much as you can? What are some of your favourite meals? Please feel free to share or comment with your recipes, we are always open to trying new meals, baking, and treats.

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