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Vegetable Gardening

I grew up with a fairly large garden producing ALL kinds of vegetables, and fruit. My grandparents lived just up the road with two very large gardens, rhubarb patches, cherry trees, apple trees (4 kinds), plum trees, strawberry patches, pear trees, blackberries, black currents, grape vines, and raspberries, lots of raspberries.

So, needless to say, having our own garden had always been a must for us. This year we have Swiss chard, carrots, broccoli, peas, basil, strawberries, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, beets, and raspberry bushes that will produce next year! Our garden is overflowing with delicious vegetables, and what we don’t grow, we get from the local upick gardens!

I can honestly say that there’s nothing more satisfactory than growing your own food. I truly love it, I love being in the garden, and I love eating healthy, GMO free, and pesticide free fruits and vegetables.

My goal is to raise our girls with the same love of growing your own fruit and vegetables that both Wade and I share. Hailey absolutely LOVES peas and carrots now, she also loves broccoli!

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