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What to Expect

Please bare with me as I get my blog up and running! Over the next month I’ll be adding more pages with information about everything related to the following;

Ostomy & Stoma Care
– Products I love & use
– Videos
– Skin Care

DIY & Health Care
– DIY Bath Products – salt soaks, bath bombs, and more
– DIY Oven Cleaner/Other Cleaners – the BEST stain remover
– Chemical Free Products that I LOVE
– DIY Projects

Healthy Living & Eating
– Food Preservation – Canning/Freezing
– Supporting Local Farms
– Meal Prep/Recipes
– Gardening – veggies, fruits & flowers

I’m trying to lead a more chemical/pesticide/herbicide free life. I want to lead my girls into this lifestyle too, raise them while teaching them gardening, cooking, natural and chemical free cleaning, food preservation, and so much more.

I’m wanting to raise awareness for Burkitts Lymphoma, Crohn’s Disease, other types of cancer and chronic illnesses, but I also want you to learn about me and what I enjoy, what I do to stay as healthy as I can be, and why I do it.

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