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Surviving; Life, Cancer & Beyond

Thanks for joining me on my blog about Surviving; Life, Cancer & Beyond.

I’ve recently started sharing my journey with Burkitts Lymphoma on Instagram under the handle of @survivingburkitts2018

I’m Lindsay and I’m a 28 year old wife, mother of two, and cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma in January 2018, our youngest daughter was just 3 weeks old and had been born prematurely as my body was not having anything to do with being pregnant anymore. I almost died on January 12th because my body was septic, my brain and respiratory system were shutting down. I was in a coma, fighting for my life and didn’t have a single clue about what was happening to me or with me. The last thing I remember is being at my doctors office for a routine check up and passing out, then being fed glucose paste in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I underwent 3 surgeries, one to remove a small section of my bowel that had tumours, and to remove both of my ovaries which had orange sized tumours on them as well, the following day I had a surgery to reattach my bowel and close up my abdomen. I remained in the coma until Monday, January 15th, at which point I was woken up and still had no idea what had happened or what had been going on as Wade hadn’t made it in to the ICU yet.

He told me the news, that I had a couple of surgeries, and that they found tumours which the surgeon believed were cancerous, and he believed it was Burkitts Lymphoma. At that time, I didn’t react much, I didn’t react much to any of the news really. On January 16th, the bowel reattachment started bleeding, almost causing me to bleed out for a second time, so I was sent in for surgery on January 17th to have an Ileostomy formed. This ileostomy saved my life. January 18th, I celebrated my 28th birthday in the ICU. 

That’s just a little of my background! I’m hoping to raise more awareness for Burkitts Lymphoma, and many other cancers through my Instagram page and through this blog. I’m going to be blogging about every day life, mommyhood, Crohn’s Disease, ileostomies, and so much more. I hope you continue on with me throughout this amazing journey called life, no matter what it seems to throw your way! You can handle it, you can do this, and you WILL get through it.

Signing off for the night – L

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